By Austin Ingram

The Kick-Off to golf season will be here this weekend and that means the season is in full swing. Hopefully that is, as we again have not been able to get it in on the scheduled day. The course is in great shape after all the rain and snow we have had in the past couple of weeks. The weather looks good for the beginning of May, so come out and get some golf in while the warm spring days are here. Just a reminder that Men’s Day, Ladies Day and Ladies of the Evening will begin the week of May 1st. Ladies and children must make the turn, if playing 18 holes, before 11am and be off the course by 1pm on Wednesdays. Ladies Day on Thursday mornings and Ladies of the Evening on Tuesday evenings will have at least an hour of time blocked off for play. Men’s Day, Ladies Day and Ladies of the Evening will continue throughout the season until the end of September. Also now that the season is in full swing we ask that all dogs and other pets stay off the course between 7:00am and 8:00pm. Clubhouse News The restaurant will now be open seven days a week starting on May 2nd. Lunch will be available on Monday’s throughout the summer making lunches available throughout the week. Dinner will be served Tuesday through Saturday and breakfast is served on the weekends. We will have our Mother’s Day Brunch on May 14th and Sunday Brunch on May 28th. Please make your reservations as soon as possible for Mother’s Day as times fill up fast. We will be working on a new menu for the summer months and hope to have that out in May. 2017 Valley Classic The 2017 Valley Classic is right around the corner. This year marks the 11th year of this event. There are only about 20 spots left, so if you want to play in this year’s tournament you should come by the golf shop and fill out a registration sheet and get signed up right away. We have also put a small registration in this newsletter for your convenience. We are expecting another great event this year. Once the tournament is full, all other entries will be put on the waitlist. Don’t miss out on this great tournament. We are also looking for sponsorships for the tournament as well. Contact Bruce or myself if you would like to help out. Men’s Association We are still looking for men to sign up for the Men’s Association for 2017. Please sign up by May 10th so we can get everything ready for the draft on May 17th. The first Men’s Association Tournament will be held on May 27th and is included in the cost of the men’s association. Sign-up sheets are available in the golf shop. Also, those of you who were in the Men’s Association in 2016, we put you in for 2017 automatically unless you’ve told us otherwise. We should have over 80 guy’s participate in 2017. Handicaps The price of a 2017 handicap will be $40. Handicaps are required for most club member events and all state tournaments. We will be billing all handicaps during the month of May. If you had a handicap in 2016 it will automatically renew each year unless you request to cancel it by the end of May. We are not able to refund any handicap fees after May 31st. Please contact us soon if you wish to start or discontinue a handicap. New Website Our new website is up and running. If you have not checked it out, please do so. It is more user friendly and we will be keeping it up date, so you can go there to get most information you need for the club. We will be using a new format for email blasts so please send me an email if you wish to continue getting the club email blasts. For more information on events happening in next few months, take a look at our Facebook page, Website and now our new Twitter page for the most current information. If you have any questions, comments or concerns please stop by, give me a call or email me at


By Bruce Johnston

NOTICE Change of dates for both the Kick-off and Par 3 Tournament.

If you were signed up, you will continued to be signed up for either event. If you cannot make it now please notify the golf shop. Kick-offs- Postponed to Saturday, May 6th Saturday May 6th will be the beginning of another exciting year at Paradise Valley Country Club. We will be having a kick-off celebration; our Ladies’ and Men’s kickoff will both be on the same day again this year. Men and Ladies’ will both shotgun at 1:00pm. There will be lunch prior to teeing off, followed by dinner. We are looking forward to making this a big celebration to kick off the season. Cost will be $60/player, includes lunch, 2 drink tickets, dinner and awards. For those that may not be golfing, but would like to join us for the dinner, you can do so for $25. For all of you that would like to join us for a great time, contact the golf shop and sign up soon. Couples’ Kick-off, will be on May 21st at 1:00 pm. The cost is $65.00 per couple and includes cart, prize fund and dinner to follow. Sign up in the golf shop today. 237-3673 Ext 2 or Email Par 3 Tournament Changed to Sunday, May 7th The Par 3 Hole-in-One Tournament will be held on May 7th at 1:00pm. We will be changing the course into 18 par 3 holes. This tournament is open to all of those who participated in the 2016 Hole-in-One club. We will be charging a $10 fee to add to the prize fund that has accumulated from last year. Any hole in ones though will split the amount that remains from last year. So again contact the golf shop to sign up if you were in the Hole-in-One club last year. If you were not in the Hole-in-One club last year, you may play in the tournament for $20. You will then be added to the Hole-in-One club for 2017. Golf Clinics Saturday May 20th, 2:00PM Beginners Session #2, (Chipping) 3:30PM Seasoned Players (Chipping – Short Game) The cost will be just $10 per person during each clinic. Most sessions should last between 1 to 1.5 hours. This will be a great way to get started with the new season and to also get to meet some other members. Signup sheet will be posted just inside the door of the golf shop. “A golfer has to train his swing on the practice tee, then trust it on the course.” Dr. Bob Rotella


By John Roth

This month’s newsletter is in reference to the future and past employment of Asstistant Superintendent Jason Martin. On April 21st, Jason accepted a position as a field biologist with WEST here in Casper. His last day of work will be May 6th with a Going Away and Celebratory/Graduation Party. All are welcome to come and congratulate him in his future endeavor. As his present and past employer (past, he left in 2010 and returned in 2012), PVCC has been truly gifted with his presence, his skills, demeanor, commitment and most of all his desire to take a sense of ownership in his work. Jason’s first tour, which started in 2008, was as a fledgling sprout that had the desire to assist with the golf course maintenance, but lacked the experience and knowledge. That quickly changed as everyday he took on more and more responsibility. Soon he could be left with many duties to be completed on his own. Unfortunately for the club, he left after two and half years to try his luck in the big city. Upon his return, his position was quickly returned as if he hadn’t left, this time things were different though. For the past five years, Jason has been in the position of Assistant Superintendent, and actually the past 2 to 3 years, his title should’ve been Superintendent. Even while he has been a full-time student at Casper College, Jason has allowed me more freedom to do other things. The past two years I have taken trips during peak season without any second thoughts. Jason’s ability to lead and garner respect from other employees as well as our members seemed effortless. The dedication to his school work all the while fulfilling basically a career in the golf business says everything about his character. We knew this day was coming for the past two years so another responsibility that was added to Jason’s schedule was to train his replacement. Couldn’t have done it better myself. I would say that I am proud of Jason for his accomplishments, and I am, but they were truly his accomplishments. My involvement was a little guidance; his accomplishments came from his ATTITUDE. Congratulations, good luck and we’ll miss you Jake!!


By Chris Jackson

As the temperature rises each week, so does our want to improve every aspect of our golf games. Everyone knows it takes practice to improve, but with practice time comes injuries and fatigue, how you practice is important to keeping your body healthy so that you can enjoy your round without pain or frustration. Here are a few tips to get into your practice routine and come out of it without having to indulge handfuls of pain relievers: Start slow, Start with shorter clubs and shorter distances to get your muscles, ligaments and joints loosened up. Start small and work your way up once you get that feeling of not being tight or stiff Stretch all your major muscles, and minors Muscles contract and when they aren’t used to the forces that the golf swing produces, they will protect and tighten. Back muscles, arm muscles, hips and shoulders need to be stretched before a practice session, if not then you run the risk of injury which will require time to heal, that time will be lost for we only have so many months to enjoy golf season. Endurance plays a key Whether you’re a weekend warrior or a 4-5 days week golfer, building up endurance after a winter of holidays foods, couch time and cold stretches is necessary for your body, without that endurance, fatigue will set in and that’s when bad habits will surface, bad habits is where most injuries on the course are created, poor posture, bad timing, weak grip strength, are all subjects to lack of endurance. Work your way up to avoid these nagging injuries that could possibly linger throughout the whole season With these tips, you can work your way to enjoying the golf swing with minimal aches and pains, some of those pains are there because lets face it, none of us are getting any younger! The older we get, the more we wake up to new pains and frustrations and have no idea where they came from. But we do what we can to minimize them and enjoy the summer of golf and fun!