Paradise Valley Country Club offers a wonderful Junior Golf Camp program for the children of members or member sponsored children.
The program is headed by Chris Jackson, and the Assistant Head Pro, Braden Barr.
Bruce Johnston, PGA Head Professional, and his staff help Chris and Braden during the lessons so all of the kids get to learn more while having fun! Chris and Braden will be setting up prize packages for games that the children will be playing.
Paradise Valley Country Club utilizes the SNAG (Starting New At Golf) golf system for juniors which makes starting golf more fun. They will also be doing some activities that may not seem pertinent to golf, but we promise it's to help their swings and overall golf performance!
Ages 9-17 in our junior golf camp will utilize mostly regular golf clubs while ages 5-8 will use mostly the SNAG program.
For more information or to sign up for junior golf please give us a call in the golf shop.
Junior Golf is for kids 5-17 of age! The children will be broken up into groups determined by age and ability!



Age Brackets
5-8 11am-12pm
9-11 9am-12pm
12-14 9am-12pm
15-17 9am-12pm

Member Fees:
(Ages 5-8) 1 camp - $80
both camps - $128 (20% disc)
(Ages 9 thru 17) 1 camp - $120
both camps - $192 (20% disc)

Member Sponsored Fees:
(Ages 5-8) 1 camp - $100
both camps - $160 (20% disc)
(Ages 9-17) - 1 camp $160
both camps - $256 (20% disc)

Dates for Junior Golf

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There will be two camps that they will be able to participate in, and they will last four days each; there will be a camp in July and one in August. You may choose one, two, or both camps to sign up for.
Camp Dates:

  • Camp 1: July 24, 25, 26, 27
  • Camp 2: August 14, 15, 16, 17
  • Parent Child Scramble - AUG 13
  • Jr. Tournaments: Jr. Club Championship - AUG 20