By Austin Ingram

March was mostly mild month. We had many golfers come out and take advantage of the warmer weather. The course is greening up nicely and we hope to see you all out at the club very soon. Our season Kick-Off Tournament is April 29th. Sign up now in the golf shop.

Winter Membership Drive Report
Thank you to all members, new and old for a great Winter Membership Drive. We had over 25 members join during this promotional period. If you helped us get a new member during the promotion we will have gift certificates available in the golf shop starting on April 10th. We will start a new membership drive in the coming weeks with discounted initiation fees with a 2 year contract. Keep the new members coming if you any that are looking to join a club this spring.

Easter Brunch
Our biggest brunch of the year will be held on April 16th. This is always a popular event and Chef John will be coming up with a great menu. Bring your kids and have brunch with us. We also have an egg hunt at 12:30pm out on the short game area. All children are welcome to join in on the fun. Please make reservations early as times fill up fast.

New Website
Our new website is up and running. If you have not checked it out, please do so. It is more user friendly and we will be keeping it up date, so you can go there to get most information you need for the club. We will be using a new format for email blasts so please send me an email if you wish to continue getting the club email blasts.

Ladies & Men’s Association
Sign-up sheets for the Ladies and Men’s Association have been placed in the newsletter for your convenience. We encourage all men and ladies of the club to sign up and participate in our leagues. They are fun for all skill levels. If you would like to sign up please fill out your perspective form and return to the club. For the men, we have transferred our list over from 2016, so please contact us if you wish to not participate in 2017. For all the new members who have joined this year, this is a great way to meet some of your fellow members.

2017 Valley Classic
The 2017 Valley Classic is right around the corner. We have put the signup sheet for this year’s tournament in the newsletter for your convenience. Players from last year have until the end of April to sign up to guarantee a spot. After that date we will open up the tournament to all other entries. Sign up quickly as this event does fill up fast. This will be the 11th year of this event and we hope it is the best yet. We ask that if you haven’t helped sponsor in the past that you please consider doing to this year. We want to make this the best year yet and our sponsors are the ones that make that happen.

The price of a 2017 handicap will be $40. Handicaps are required for most club member events and all state tournaments. We will be billing all handicaps during the month of May. If you had a handicap in 2016 it will automatically renew each year unless you request to cancel it by the end of May. We are not able to refund any handicap fees after May 31st. Please contact us soon if you wish to start or discontinue a handicap.

2017 Hole Signs
As we prepare for the 2017 golf season we need to know about sponsorships. We are assuming that you all wish to keep your hole signs for this golf season, so we would like you to contact us ONLY if you wish not to renew your sponsorship or need to make a change to your sponsorship sign. We really appreciate your support as these signs have been a great addition to the golf course. Hole signs will be billed out during April at the second year price of $250.00. We do have a couple spots available for anybody that would like to put your name or company on a sign. Cost is $500.00 for the first year and $250.00 per year starting in the second year. Call 234-9146 or email me. For more information on events happening in next few months, take a look at our Facebook page, Website and now our new Twitter page for the most current information. If you have any questions, comments or concerns please stop by, give me a call or email me at


By Bruce Johnston

Some Season Reminders
Just a few reminders for this upcoming season: Please call ahead for tee times, this can be done up to 7 days in advance. Check in at the golf shop upon arrival at the course. Also, in the golf shop, don’t forget if you are a Member you receive 10% off any merchandise that is in stock.

As for out on the course, please take care of the course, repair divots and ball marks. Keep up with the group in front of you, but if you are unable to do so, please let those that are playing faster play through. We all would like to have an enjoyable time playing a great golf course.

Men’s & Ladies’ Kick-Off
Saturday, April 29th will be the beginning of another exciting year at Paradise Valley Country Club. We will be having a kick-off celebration; our Ladies’ and Men’s kickoff will both be on the same day again this year. Men and Ladies’ will both shotgun at 1:00pm. There will be lunch prior to teeing off, followed by dinner. We are looking forward to making this a big celebration to kick off the season. Cost will be $60/player, includes lunch, 2 drink tickets, dinner and awards. For those that may not be golfing, but would like to join us for the dinner, you can do so for $25. For all of you that would like to join us for a great time, contact the golf shop and sign up soon.

Couples’ Kick-off, will be on May 21st at 1:00pm. Format and entry fee will be determined; I will provide more information in the May newsletter.
237-3673 Ext 2 or Email:

Par 3 Tournament
The Par 3 Hole-in-One Tournament will be held on May 6th at 1:00pm. We will be changing the course into 18 par 3 holes. This tournament is open to all of those who participated in the 2016 Hole-in-One club. We will be charging a $10 fee to add to the prize fund that has accumulated from last year. Any hole in ones though will split the amount that remains from last year. So again contact the golf shop to sign up if you were in the Hole-in-One club last year. If you were not in the Hole-in-One club last year, you may play in the tournament for $20. You will then be added to the Hole-in-One club for 2017.

Golf Clinics I will be holding some different golf clinics throughout this summer. If you are looking to gets some quick tips in a group setting it will be right up your alley. The cost will be just $10 per person during each clinic. So keep an eye out for the signup sheets each month in the golf shop. The first class will be a beginner’s class on April 22nd. We will cover the basics of the golf swing, grip, stance, alignment and how to make a proper golf swing. Most sessions should last between 1 to 1.5 hours. This will be a great way to get started with the new season and to also get to meet some other members. Signup sheet will be posted just inside the door of the golf shop.

It’s not always about being the best,
It’s about being better then you were yesterday.


By John Roth

This month I would like to thank Austin for his hard work on our new webpage. He spent a lot of time with the webmaster, sending info and pictures and getting it organized, now we need to return the favor and utilize the page for all its worth and I'm sure that everyone will find it very helpful when searching for the information that they seek.

I recently read a new book regarding Green Speed and the proper methods in which to obtain the fastest greens possible. I'm delighted to say that everything we do is according to the book. Almost everything. I say that because most maintenance programs that deal with the ever changing growing conditions require constant attention and never ending practices that slightly affect the playability of the course. In the past I have elected to forgo some of the maintenance to allow a more seamless run through the short season. I believe that most years we have had decent greens that have been acceptable to all abilities and over the past thirteen years the greens have become slightly faster each year. Actually they have become faster as we record the speed throughout the year.

This year’s maintenance schedule will be similar to years past, but as always, we will try to sneak in a few extra procedures in between the heavy summer play. Greens maintenance will be very aggressive early on and taper off as the season progresses. Expect light and frequent verti-cutting and topdressing as we move into June, July and August as this practice is the best medicine for green speed and unfixed ball marks. Having the ball roll true is more important than the speed. As golfers we can adjust our speed, but we can't do anything about bumps caused by ball marks or other blemishes (that is entirely not true if every ball mark was fixed immediately). Vertical mowing and rolling will help the ball roll true and fast. Fast within reason. And by the way if you have not made it out to play yet this year, all the greens made it through the winter in great shape and we have already been able to start our maintenance program. The only winter damage, besides my attitude towards the wind, was some ice damage on the fairways. We will be aerefying and seeding these dead spots shortly and they should make a full recovery,

October 2015, after finishing the greens remodeling project on holes 2 and 4, I took the bulldozer over to #5 lake and started another project. After 18 months, I can finally tell you that we laid sod last week on the landing area of five, the two bridges are 85% complete and there will be white caps slapping the shore in the very near future. I apologize for the inconvenience, but I believe the play and the aesthetics will be worth it.

Thank you all for your continued support.


By Chris Jackson

I’m happy to bring back this section the newsletter! Throughout the summer I will be giving you tips on different ways such as warm up stretches, simple home workouts and different foods to eat before, and on the course to help your golf game.

The golf season is just getting started so its time get those muscles back into golf shape, the older we get, the easier it is to pull or strain muscles when we haven’t swung a club in 6 months. Here are few stretches and warm ups to help limit injury:

1. Back

Lie on your back.

Bend your knees up so that your feet are flat on your floor.

Grab hold of both your knees and slowly pull them up toward your chest. If you have discomfort in your knees doing this, you may grab the back of your thighs. If your abdomen gets in the way, then spread your legs apart and pull up. Keep your neck and shoulders relaxed during this stretch and breath normally.

Hold this for a period of 30 seconds.

You should pull only to the point of tension. You should not pull into any pain, bounce, or force the movement.

2. Golfing Stretches: Trunk Rotation

This one is an easy one to do in standing although you can also do it in sitting. The golf swing involves significant trunk rotation a lot of which occurs through your thoracic spine and neck.

Hook your arms around the golf club placed lengthwise across your back.

Rotate your trunk and head to the left and hold it there for 20 to 30 seconds.

Don't swing and bounce into this stretch as that will put undue strain on the joints and ligaments of your spine.
Repeat this on the other side.

If you perform this stretch in sitting you will reduce the amount of stretch you get in the lower lumbar region.

Your back is the most important and most sensitive part of your golf swing (look at Tiger Woods’ problems) keeping this part of your body loose will benefit you throughout your round, and golf life.


By Judy Samuelson

Hello, I hope everyone survived the winter and is ready to golf. We have great things planned for the 2017 Season. We will officially start the season off with a 10:30am meeting before the Kick-off on April 29th. So please mark that on your calendar so we can get the season started May 2.

Then we will have a JoFit Trunk Show after golf on Tuesday, May 16th. Everyone is welcome to come shop and pick up all kinds of JoFit apparel at this event! I will be posting tournament information in the Golf Shop on the new bulletin board as it becomes available this year so please watch that board. We also would like the ladies joining the ladies association to pay as soon as possible, please note: A late fee will be charged if you don't pay by June 1st.

Judy Samuelson


By Chris Jackson

Hello junior golfers and parents! We are eager to get the junior golf season started, it’s going to come up quick! Every year we try to implement something new and different to keep kids active and interested in the game. Sunday June 25th is an important date for parents and juniors to attend. We will have a short meeting to discuss the season and our current and future goals for Paradise Valley Junior Golf. Following the meeting parents in child can participate in a team skills challenge! It will be a fun interactive activity and a nice way to kick off our junior season. If you have any questions please email me at I will be happy to speak with you. Hope to see all of you soon!